Pronto Catering started over 15 years ago as a way to bring delicious, fine-catering quality food to our customers in a way that’s both convenient and affordable. Always committed to delivering the very best, everything you order from Pronto is made with the highest quality ingredients prepared with the same love and hand-crafted care we put into everything that leaves our kitchen. From simple drop off orders at the office, to full-service dinner parties in your home, Pronto can assist with all your catering needs.


Culinary creativity partnered with professional drive, instilled by spending hours in the family kitchen watching his mother prepare meals, each dish made from the freshest ingredients from his family’s farm, Giuseppe set out to share his passion for cuisine and hospitality with others. From a pizzeria at age 14, to watching chefs preparing special events at a summer resort, studies at the Culinary Institute of Rome, to General Manager of the prestigious restaurant café the Antico Café San Marco, Trieste, Italy, Giuseppe used his inspiration to design a dream of sharing an exceptional food experience for all. Outgoing yet highly focused, seemingly carefree yet often seen biting his nails worrying over the placement of a table dressing or garnish on a plate, Giuseppe is both health conscious and food obsessed as only a native Italian could be. If it has to do with him, it must be the greatest, the most nutritious, the most delicious… and more. Ordinary is not enough. It must be extraordinary.

Chef Giuseppe Ciuffa San Diego & La Jolla


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